Day 62 – Joyful Living Project


#JoyfulJoe visited his 5th @traderjoes today.

We met Mickey, who was so friendly and kind recommending some great wine choices. We ended up picking up a bottle of Epicuro and Belgian chocolate pudding. That’s some seriously joyful dessert!

As we journey across America for the next 18 months on the #JoyfulLivingProject, our goal is to visit as many Trader Joe’s stores as possible and share the joy!

4 stores down, 470 more to go…whew!

How did this idea for the  Joyful Living Project start?

Well, the truth is it was birth 135 days ago on a ferry ride back with my business coach Michael Knouse.

We had spent the entire weekend in Victoria, Canada planning the growth of my speaking and coaching business, only to have a conversation on the ferry that would ignite the idea of traveling.

I immediately had a panic attack, as my body knew that this was it and it is real. Over the next few months, we explored ways to integrate everything I’ve done in the last 15 years to become this pilgrimage called The Joyful Living Project.

I invite you to witness the moment when this movement was birth. Thank you Michael for your guidance and inspiration!

How are you making space to create?


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