Day 63 – Joyful Living Project


Exciting news!!! The Happiness Sprinkling signs have arrived!!

In partnership with the Happiness Sprinkling Project, I will be bringing people together in each of the 10+ cities I visit on my #JoyfulLivingProject to hold up signs of kindness, hope, generosity, support, and love to remind people of hope and possibilities.

Imagine having a rough day and driving by a group of energized #JoyMakers holding signs saying:

“You Are Enough”

“Trust Yourself”

“You Are Loved”

“You ARE a Good Parent”

“Be You”

Altogether I will be traveling across America for the next 18 months with 23 of these signs to sprinkle happiness wherever I go.

Special thank you to B&B Print Source, Matt Miali, Brenda Sutton, Jon Hoole, and Deb Kindinger for your generous donations to make this #JoyMission possible and for helping spread joy and kindness to so many people you may never know.

Below is a video of the unboxing of these Happiness Sprinkling Signs!!

Upgrading from a Studio to One-Bedroom

With this little helper, I was able to install a rack on my car for my #JoyfulLivingProject journey across America! Expanding capacity from studio to 1 bedroom!


What joyful things can you do on your last Friday night in Portland before heading off on an 18-month journey across America doing the #JoyfulLivingProject?

Answer: Capture some Birds and ride them around the waterfront, crossing bridges with one of your best friends.

This was so much fun!!! Hang on tight, these birds go fast!! Overflowing with Joy!!!


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