Day 67 – Joyful Living Project


24 hrs until I hit the road!

The Joy at the Gorge

To calm my nerves today, I took my friend Michelle out on one final visit to the Colombia River Gorge before leaving for my 18-month journey across America doing the #JoyfulLivingProject.

We had such fun playing in the forest by the waterfalls doing yoga and silly squats.

I will miss the beauty here and welcome the joy and beauty to come.

Sucha ridiculously fun night passing 'the baton' to our dear friend Yasmin Nguyen In this our case the baton was our car carrier, which we're sharing with Yasmin for the next 18 months to give him a little more spaciousness in his car, as he sets out on a cross-country, intentional journey -- The Joyful Living Project, which is about inspiring more ...

We laughed till our tummies ached, as we moved the car carrier from one Winn-Buggy to the other Nguyen-Buggy.

Not at all surprising that Amy made the experience a party — and gave a whole new meaning to getting into your work.

We love that as Yasmin says, our auto storage container has upgraded his car from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom and that The Kindness Journey car carrier is getting to take another spin around the Unities States.

Jaden and I love and appreciate you so much Yaz-Man — and celebrate your courage to live your dream — to be with, move through and learn from the joy and also the challenges that come from choosing an uncertain path, but the one that feels like the most life-affirming and life-giving direction.

We know how this is going to change you in unimaginable ways, change your life for the good, and positively impact so many people … people you will never even meet will be blessed by your bravery and your willingness to answer this call.

We’re all better off for your choice my friend!

Our reminders for you on the road …

  • *Live your joy first … that’s the greatest influence you’ll have on others.
  • *Less is waaaaaay more.
  • *Your presence is the present you’ll offer those you meet along the way.
  • *It’s so okay to change the rules of the game. It’s your game. Your rules. Make them work for you.
  • *The behind the scenes work, complexity, angst, and messiness are part of the joy equation … a big part of it actually.
  • *In choosing to share this journey with all of us, it’s essential that you have time for just *you*, that you step away to refuel, reconnect to your vision and why you said YES! to this extraordinary life experience.
  • *You have a whole community cheering you on, loving you from a distance, and believe in the love that you are and in your YES!
  • *OH YEAH!, there can never be enough turning up the music and #CarDancing

From two intentional journey makers to another …

The Kindness Journey >> >>The Joyful Living Project

You so got this, my friend! – Amanda Winn


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