Day 68 – Joyful Living Project


The Roadtrip Begins

Saying good by to my nieces and nephew. Walking my niece to school before I head out.

Joy Pit Stop

One final joyful pit stop before hitting the road! I know. I know. Ice cream at 10 am?

Yup, nothing like starting the day and trip with some joy!

Trader Joe’s stops on way to Bandon with #JoyfulJoe

Meet Joy Makers Gigi and Dwight

After a long day on the road, Terry and Dwight graciously welcomed me to their home. Immediately when walked into their lovely beach home, felt instant joy, kindness, and generosity. We shared a glass of champagne and fun stories to get to know one another.

Dwight offered to take me on a scooter/moped ride down to the beach to take some pictures. Though I was nervous for a moment being my first time on one of these, I had so much fun!

When we returned, Terry had prepared dinner and we all watched a fun movie together. As I reflect on this incredible first day on the road, my heart is filled with such gratitude.

Thank you Stefanie Edenburn for introducing me to your family. Terry and Dwight, I so appreciate your hospitality, kindness, and the joy you have shared with me. Your spirit for life and generosity is such an inspiration.

After six hours of driving on my first day on the road for my #JoyfulLivingProject, what a magnificent view of the sunset. Thank you Dwight Stroh for taking me on my first scooter/moped #JoyRide out to the beach!

Welcome to Yasmin Nguyen. Great conversation and laughs. He and D are getting ready to take the scooters down for the sunset...and I'm getting pizza in the oven! Gigi Stroh I’m glad you got to meet us Yasmin 🙂 - and the pleasure was all ours. Thank you for the gifts and for sharing your experiences with us. Best of luck and success on the rest of your adventures.

Today's Drive


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