Day 69 – Joyful Living Project


The 4 Ways Joy Appeared in the Last 24 Hours

Reflections of Joy on a Beach Walk.

On my first day on the road for my 18-month journey across America for the #JoyfulLivingProject, I experienced 4 ways in which Joy appeared.

In this video, I share those 4 experiences. Thank you #JoyMakers Terry Lee Stroh and Dwight Stroh for sharing those experiences with me

Joy Stop to Take in the Beauty

Update from the road on my way to Crater Lake. Had to pull over and witness the beauty and joy of nature

Joy at Crater Lake!

Though it took #JoyfulJoe and 4 hours to get to Crater Lake from the beaches of Bandon, the epic views were worth it!

We woke up to stunning coastal sunrise then witnessed breathtaking afternoon mountain/lake views…all in one joyful day!

Crater Lake has always been on my bucket list, and tonight, I can go to bed knowing I have lived fully and joyfully today!

When you live in Oregon, making time to visit the beauty of nature is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to experience joy. #JoyfulLivingProject

What is a place in nature you’ve always wanted to visit?

I invite you to write in your calendar the feeling you would experience by visiting this special place.

Today's Drive


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