Day 7 – Joyful Living Project


Earlier today, I had the opportunity to hang out at Sauvie Island with two of the most joyful people I know in Portland. Both Michael Knouse and Jill Knouse touch so many lives with their presence and the gift of joy they share with their community. I can’t wait to share with you my Joy Makers interview with this inspirational couple!

On my way back from Sauvie’s Island with a heart full of joy, I was inspired to pass the joy on.

You see, earlier that morning, had to buy a parking pass for the day. Since we wrapped up by noon, I thought someone else could use my pass. So I drove back over to the convenience store where I bought my pass.

Just as I got there, a car pulled up with the back seat full of kids.

A man stepped out and I asked the man, ” Excuse me, do you need a parking pass?”

He said, “yes, we were just going inside to get one”

I replied, “Here, why don’t you take mine.”

With a shocked look and said ” Do you want anything for this?

I said, “No, just have a great time!” I smiled and drove off.

When we experience joy, often contagious and we can help but pass it on. My heart is overflowing with joy today!

This is the premise of my 18-month Joyful Living Project across America. I want to discover and share all the ways we can experience joy in our lives so we can shift the direction and heal our communities and country.

I believe if we can connect with joy within ourselves that we can inspire and impact others in a positive way.

Yasmin, thank you for the fun and joyful morning at Sauvie Island. You bring so much joy and inspiration to the world through these selfless acts of kindness. We are so thrilled to be part of The Joyful Living Project and can’t wait to watch this unfold across America. Thanks, Yasmin Nguyen and The Joyful Living Project for capturing one of our greatest joys... chillin' at the river with Addiebelle.

The Adventures of Joyful Joe at Sauvie’s Island


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