Day 70 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of History and Luxury in Ashland, OR

On my way to San Francisco, I stopped by the town of Ashland, Oregon. Each year people come from all over for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This is a HUGE event!

I was fortunate to stop for the night there and had the opportunity to stay at the Historic Ashland Springs Hotel. So grateful for the connection from my friend Amanda to Scott and the team at the hotel.

What an incredibly joyful experience stepping into time to feel the history of this treasure opened to the public in 1925.

I invite you to check out this short video of my experience.

Thank you, Scott and the Ashland Springs Hotel team for making my stay so memorable and for your kindness and support for the #JoyfulLivingProject

Meet Joy Maker Lisa Manyon!

What a wonderful way to start off my day by taking a walk through the gorgeous Lithia Park, getting to know my new friend and #JoyMaker Lisa Manyon!

She helps business leaders create marketing messages from integrity focusing on passion points instead of pain points.

So grateful that Christy Aleckson and Jenn Tasnim Savage connected us!

I almost ran out of gas!!!!

I thought I had plenty of gas to get to California and fill up.  Little did I know that there was a huge mountain pass between Oregon and California. I was holding my breath and letting my car coast as much as possible on the downhill.


The joy of finding that gas station before you run out of gas going through the mountain pass crossing the state border.

Feeling so much joy…and relief right now!

Officially in California now! I heard there is a lot of joy here!


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