Day 71 – Joyful Living Project


New Place + Old Habits = Old You

Some reflections during this morning’s meditation.

Moving to a new place doesn’t guarantee we will become a different person. It can, but we must decide to leave what is no longer serving us (beliefs, ideas, habits, identities, relationships) behind as we reach our new destination.

Feeling excited and uneasy at the same time. Really starting to hit me that this isn’t a vacation or trip where I will return home.

This is the new norm and it’s triggering all sorts of emotions and old patterns. Experiencing the illusion of not belonging that was so pervasive growing up as an immigrant child and moving to a new city and country.

Have you ever felt like an outsider or stranger in a new place?

For some, it may be exhilarating. And for other introverts like me, sometimes it can be debilitating.

Looking forward to challenging myself every month as I move to a new city and work on shifting this experience of disconnection to embrace possibility, joy, and connection.

From the outside, I think our lives often looks like we've arrived magically from one place to another. But from the inside, we feel the stretch. The dislocation. The anxiety, displacement, and time required to replace old patterns with new ones, which hopefully lead us to the pot of gold at the end of our personal rainbows. In reality, it takes the kind of bravery and openness that you're displaying, Yasmin. I salute your courage

Joy 2.0

One of the quickest ways to access joy is to practice gratitude.

When we express appreciation, we invite joy into our current focus. This joy becomes our reality, and we expand this reality by sharing this joy with others. I call this Joy 2.0.

How will you experience gratitude and invite joy into your day?

The Joy of Guilty Pleasure

“Double double animal style”, though we rarely meet, you always bring me so much joy!

Those who know, know and those who don’t, check it out!

Who else is an In-N-Out fan?


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