Day 72 – Joyful Living Project


I took my friend and #JoyMaker Sophie Lippert on a #JoyMission today to surprise people we met on our hike with a moment of joy. We gave unsuspecting strangers who we thought could use some kindness and joy with a beautiful flower.

What an amazing feeling to connect and share this special experience of joy with others.

We picked up two bundles of sunflowers and went for a walk. So easy to do that anyone can as well. Then we asked, “Can I give you a flower?” This invitation allowed the other person to choose to receive our gesture of joy and kindness.

Everyone we asked welcomed our gift.

I invite you to try something like this to fill both your heart and others with joy.

Joy of Food. Joy of Connection. Joy of Adventure.

Sharing my first #JoyRide with Sophie Lippert. Both foodies from Portland meeting up in San Francisco for a magnificent meal in Chinatown!

Even our servers were enthusiastic, friendly, and joyful 20 minutes until closing.



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