Day 73 – Joyful Living Project


Joy of Kindness and Empathy

I was trying to catch the bus and didn’t have the correct change for the fare. I was getting anxious that I may not be able to stay on the bus.

Typically bus drivers in San Francisco are not so friendly and kind when this happens because it tends to delay them on their route.

This bus driver let me on anyway and said it was ok this time. So grateful for his kindness that I wrote him a note and handed it to him on my way out.

Joyful Living Project Interview on the She’s Hungry Podcast

So honored and excited to be today’s featured guest on the She’s Hungry Podcast with host Cait Pearson to share stories and my #JoyfulLivingProject tour across America to inspire more joy, connection, and freedom in our lives. Cait and I met at the KindFest in Seattle. Shortly after we had a wonderful conversation and she invited me on her show to share my stories and journey.

Reflections from my last couple of days in San Francisco

The Joy of Discovery

Sometimes the joy is just following the recommendations of others to discover a new joy.

Earlier this afternoon I met with Alli. She’s a community Ambassador for Lululemon. We had a great conversation learning about each other and exploring opportunities to collaborate. I was introduced to Alli through my contacts at Lulumenon in Portland, OR where I spoke at an event and did a couple of team training.

After our meeting, Alli recommended that I check out this place down the street called Samovar Tea Lounge. Little did I know the joy I would discover.

The venue was founded by Jesse Jacobs.  As it turns out, Samovar’s mission is “to facilitate inspiration & positive human connection”. 

That’s also probably why his tea houses have become the go-to hangouts for the likes of Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, Leo Babauta, Chip Conley, the Twitter Founders, and Seth Godin (when in town) – just to name a few.
What Jesse has created is truly a gift.


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