Day 75 – Joyful Living Project


Joy of Science

This afternoon, my friend and #JoyMaker Vanessa Callaghan picked me up to head into the city for a #JoyRide at the California Academy of Sciences.

Vanessa is a researcher and educator who brings gratitude practices into schools to help deepen connections and joy in the lives of teachers and students.

This was such a fun evening of learning, music, great conversation, and even a #JoyMission.

We immersed ourselves in a rainforest, then explored the universe in the planetarium, went back in time to see the evolution of humans, and dived deep into the ocean at the aquarium.

I didn’t remember science could be so joyful growing up.

On top of that, I challenged is to give away these “I Love How Awesome You Are” to strangers who we thought were sharing something awesome. These awesome cards were created by my friend Cathey Armillas.

We gave 3 cards away, one to Michelle who was so passionate about showing us how caterpillars became butterflies, one to Ryan who enthusiastically gave us snowcones and clean power initiatives. Vanessa gave the final awesome card to a DJ spinning great tunes all night. #JoyMission complete!

Not only did we experience the joy of science, but we also spread some kindness, appreciation, and joy by letting others know how awesome they are.

The Joy of Reconnection!

An 88-year-old dad is reunited with his 53-year-old son who has down syndrome after spending a week apart for the first time ever.

So much joy! Reconnecting with loved ones. 


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