Day 81 – Joyful Living Project


I was hanging out at Starbucks, this afternoon. I could not help notice the radiant energy, kindness, and friendliness of Saree. She welcomed me with such authenticity and joy that it totally brought a smile to me and every guest I saw her interacting with.

You can tell she has built a community of friends who visit the store by welcoming them and bringing joy! I also shared with the rest of the staff that this is by far the most joyful Starbucks I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to many!

It’s a testament to the leadership team here.

Before I left, I wrote a little note to let Saree know the impact she made and the joy she shared. With the help of my friend Cathey Armillas and her Awesome cards, I share a special appreciation.

The Joy and Gift of Normalcy

If you have ever lost a parent or family member or are experiencing a health crisis, I want to invite you to take a few minutes to watch this video.

This is one of the most moving stories of kindness, healing, generosity, and gratitude that I was inspired me to drop everything I had planned yesterday. I remotely interviewed an incredible #JoyMaker Jasmine from Starbucks and produce this video in less than 24 hours to share with others.

I had dinner with my dear friend Jennifer the night before and heard that Jasmine was going to honor her Mom’s birthday and legacy by sneaking in special care packet gifts into a local hospice that created the most loving environment to spend the final days with her mom.

Jasmine wanted to share her appreciation and story of the care the Hopewell House Hospice gave her and her family.

She wanted to pass the kindness forward with the gift of normalcy.

I encourage you to watch the end of the video.

It’s the smallest thing that can bring us and others joy. Thank you, Jasmine, Elise, Mary, Jennifer, Hopewell House Hospice and so many others who share this gift with joy during challenging times!


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