Day 85 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Breakfast

As a special thank you to my amazing host, friend, and #JoyMaker Jennifer, I made breakfast.

It was a cherry tomato, red bell pepper, basil, spinach omelet with parmesan and feta cheese, sliced avocado, pita bread and roasted potatoes.

Being on the road for 18-months for this #JoyfulLivingProject, it’s not often I get to make and share breakfast. What a joy to #KitchenSurf and share my culinary creativity.

Hope to share with joy with others who I visit and host me.

Joy is eating nurishing, yummy food with an inspiring friend! Thank YOU! 🙏

Seeing Double Joy

Though Joyful Joe has been taking a break the last week, he’s back with a new friend and spreading joy in California.

On this cloudy afternoon, my fellow #JoyMaker Jennifer Gibbings and I took a drive down the Pacific Coast highway from Pacifica, California down to the popular Half Moon Bay.

Growing up hearing about it, I’ve always wanted to visit the Ritz-Carlton but never been.

So we decided to visit the one nearby. What an incredible setting for such a gorgeous, luxurious experience. Though we did not stay there, we did enjoy a joyful afternoon on the back deck with a stunning view of the ocean and golf course.

We ordered some tea and a mouthwatering berry cobbler, as we took in our surroundings.

Even with all the beauty around us, one of the most joyful experiences from this was receiving such kind, warm, friendly, and thoughtful service from Marcelle. She’s originally from Texas and just moved here. Her smile and spirit-filled us up with such welcome and care.

So we wrote a short note of appreciation and gave her an Awesome Card made by my friend Cathey Armillas.

We were so grateful to cross paths with delightful #JoyMakers like Marcelle!


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