Day 89 – Joyful Living Project


Sprinkling Some Joy

On a day like today with the confirmation hearings of our supreme court nominee, my fellow #JoyMaker Vanessa Callaghan and I hit the streets of Oakland, CA to spread some joy, kindness, and positivity.

In partnership with the Happiness Sprinkling Project, I am carrying 23 signs with positive messages across the country on my 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject to invite the local community and #JoyMakers to remind us that there are good and caring people and there is hope.

I was so moved by the countless morning commuters who stopped for a hug, smile, thank you, and thumbs up. I can’t tell you how many expressed how much they needed this today. Check out the emotional videos and photos.

Today was our first of many #HappinessSprinklings to come.

So grateful for Vanessa and her friend Lylith for helping me share a moment of joy with our fellow Americans.


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