Day 90 – Joyful Living Project


Sprinkling More Happiness & Joy

#JoyfulJoe decided to join us for our #HappinessSprinkling to spread joy, so he hopped on the BART to meet us in San Francisco. He has his sign ready to remind people that there is good, love, and kindness.

Since we had so much fun sprinkling happiness yesterday morning in Oakland, #JoyMaker Vanessa Callaghan and I hit the streets again today in the heart of San Francisco on another #JoyMission to spread some joy, kindness, and positivity

Ending a week like this with the anger, frustration, pain, divisiveness, and suffering of the confirmation hearings of the supreme court nominee, we wanted to do something to share some positivity.

In partnership with the Happiness Sprinkling Project, I am carrying 23 signs with positive messages across the country on my 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject to invite the local community and #JoyMakers to remind us that there are good and caring people and there is hope.

Today was our second of many #HappinessSprinklings to come.

I was so moved by the countless evening commuters who stopped for a hug, smile, thank you, and thumbs up. I can’t tell you how many expressed how much they needed this today. We even had a few who were excited to join us for a bit.

So grateful for Vanessa and her friend Callie Riggins for helping me share a moment of joy with our fellow Americans passing by.


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