Day 92 – Joyful Living Project


Joy of Physical Connection

Did you know that hugging can lessen feelings of isolation?

Hugs release oxytocin, a hormone, and neurotransmitter which regulates bonding and social interaction. It also increases feelings of empathy and compassion and generosity.

After a week of these confirmation hearings, we all could use more empathy and compassion.

On my way back from doing a Happiness Sprinkling (Holding signs with positive messaging to remind people of hope and good in public areas) downtown San Francisco with a group of friends, my friend, and #JoyMakers Vanessa Callaghan told me about a hugging event Tex Allen and Cat Foshee were organizing on Saturday.

I immediately looked them up and made time to participate! What an incredible movement to invite our community to connect and heal through the power of hugs. I met the kindest, giving #JoyMakers that day! Jennifer Lenches, Megan Allen, Joey Moss, Gary Wendt-Bogear, and many more.

I was nervous and self-conscious at first. Then I noticed that each hug given and receive was a gift of connection and sharing our humanity with each other regardless of race, age, social-economic, gender. To witness the power of a simple gesture of kindness, acceptance, openness, vulnerability, and compassion was so moving.

What an incredible experience of joy!

I invite you to hug 3 people today.

Be fully present and intentional as it is a gift for both you and them.

THANK YOU so much for your contribution and participation! We are so grateful to send you off with so many hugs to fuel the way. Keep spreading kindness and thank you for you amazing project. We will be watching and supporting you all along the way.

If it means a lot to you, then make the time to do it. If it’s something that lies close to your heart, then allow for yourself to feel it. Make space in your life for what matters, for these are aspects that are meant to be held close to you.


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