Day 93 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Asian Cuisine

Growing up I always wanted to eat McDonald’s and other “American” food.

Over the years, my palette now craves more ethnic foods. One of my favorites is Dim Sum. There is something about sampling a variety of small dishes. I guess it’s like having Spanish Tapas or going to a buffet where you can try different things.

I discovered a wonderful hole-in-the-wall place where you can take- out Dim Sum. This brought me so much joy!

Later that evening, I discover the delicious new Japanese restaurant and had to stop by.

This Takoyaki with moving bonito flakes was so good!

The bowl of Karaage ramen with roasted pork belly was amazing!

Baking Some Joy

This is a story about a baker who makes this birthday cake to brighten the day for a young girl fighting cancer! However, it turns into a joyful surprise for her instead. See what happens!

This is what it’s about!


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