Day 94 – Joyful Living Project


Joy of Gatherings

I can’t imagine a more special way to wrap up my visit to San Francisco than experiencing an outdoor dinner party hosted by my friend Jocelyn. She invited an amazing chef to prepare an authentic Thai dinner.

The food was so good and the new friends I met filled me with such joy to connect with amazing people.

Thank you, San Francisco, for an incredible month of joy!

Tomorrow I make my way down to Los Angeles to continue this 18-month #JoufylLivingProject tour across America.

What an amazing first city on this tour!

Reflecting on the last 30 days, here is a glimpse of the joy I’ve discovered, facilitated, and shared. Check out my previous posts for details.

Joy Mission

  • Hugging America
  • Happiness Sprinkling
  • Giving out Flowers
  • Giving Awesome Cards at CAS
  • Don’t Give Up cards
  • Jasmine’s Hospice Gift
  • Joy of Welcome
  • Joy of Appreciation

Joy Experiences

  • Joy of Japanese Cuisine
  • Joy Dinner Party – Jocelyn
  • Joy of Dim Sum
  • Joy of Sunset at the Coast
  • Joy of Family
  • Joy of Leftovers
  • Joy of Silence
  • Joy of Date with Yourself
  • Joy of Impeccable Service
  • Joy of Luxury & History
  • Joy of Breakfast
  • Joy of Staying In
  • Joy of a View
  • Joy of Wine Tasting
  • Joy of Home
  • Joy of Sampling
  • Joy of Group Discussion
  • Joy of Dressing Up
  • Joy of Spontaneity
  • Joy of Giving Life
  • Joy of Restoration
  • Joy of Extra Space 
  • Joy of Stimulating Conversation
  • Joy of Science
  • Joy of Impact
  • Joy of Comfort Food
  • Joy of Chinatown Food
  • Joy of In-N-Out

Gratitude Activates Joy!

One of the quickest and powerful ways to bring joy, connection, and opportunities in our lives is to practice GRATITUDE

I am so proud of and excited for my dear friend and #JoyMaker Scott Colby! Today he is releasing his new book called The Grateful Entrepreneur! 40 Gratitude Strategies to build relationships, grow your business and make money.

This is going to be a game-changer for many!! I know gratitude has made a huge difference in my life.

Check out this book today!


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