Day 95 – Joyful Living Project


17-Miles of Joy

One of the most joyful experiences for me is photographing nature and the coastline where water meets land meets air meets light is the 17-Mile Drive in Monterey.

The beauty of how they all come together with such harmony captivates me with awe and fills my soul with joy.

The Joy of a Mystery & Curiosity

On my way down to Los Angeles from San Francisco, I stopped by Santa Cruz for lunch with my friend Julie, then visited The Mystery Spot, a place that seems to defy the laws of physics and gravity.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery right?

The things I witnessed and experienced certainly blew my mind. Check it out!

Quick Stop in Santa Cruz for Lunch

As I made my way down the coast. I stopped every chance I could to get a glimpse of the beautiful California coastline. For lunch, I took a pit stop in Santa Cruz to meet up with my friend Julie who use to live down the hall from me in Portland. It was such a joy to catch up. We use to have some fun adventures in Portland!

Today's Drive


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