Day 98 – Joyful Living Project


Joy Connectors

It’s officially 30 days since I have been on the road. For an introvert like me, one of the scariest feelings is showing up in a new place and not knowing anyone.

I think it may be triggered by growing up as an immigrant to this country and not speaking English, not having money, not looking like anyone else, and simply not fitting in.

As I reflect on my first month of 18 months traveling across America on my #JoyfulLivingProject, my heart is filled with gratitude and joy thanks to a special group of people I call my Joy Connectors.

You have no idea what a difference you have made for me through your generous connections and introductions to wonderful people. This is an incredible gift to someone who is a bit shy believe it or not and does experience some social anxiety from time to time.

Knowing that I have some people to meet and get to know to arrive in a new city had been a blessing you have shared with me.

I believe that these connections are the breadcrumbs on this journey that lead to hope, possibilities, impact, and joy.

I want to take this moment to appreciate you and let you know the impact it has made through sharing your relationships with me.

Thank you Jocelyn Manuel, Gail Camacho, Amanda Winn, Stefanie Edenburn, Christy Aleckson, Shandy Welch, Wilford Welch, Jill Knouse Michael Knouse, Kathryn Durkin, Sophie Lippert, Vanessa Callaghan, Kent J Lewis, Scott Colby, Ellen Shayman Rogin, Derek L Hendricks Jennifer Gibbings, Brad Kaye, Cathey Armillas!

It is so great that you have trusted yourself and your inner wisdom and set out on this journey, Yasmin. The things that stretch us are usually the things that don't feel very comfortable but they do make us feel ALIVE! I am so happy to be a Joy Connector and part of this journey with you. So grateful for you. 🙏

The Joy of Presence

One of the easiest and most meaningful gifts of joy you can share with someone is your full presence.

I invite you to be a #JoyMaker today and share your full undivided attention with someone today.


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