Let's Give Joy

In today’s world we experience incredible anger, pain, divisiveness, racism, illness, and discrimination. So many of us feel stressed, helpless, lost, resentful, hopeless, guilty, and overwhelmed. How did all this negativity become the norm in our country?  What can we do to change this? It seems like every possible answer is way off into the future.

But what if we didn’t have to wait for circumstances to shift to begin our healing? What if the catalyst for positive change lies within our own daily experiences? What if we could leave a legacy of hope, positivity, and inspiration for our children and generations to come?

Sound too good to be true? Actually, it’s amazing what a little action can do and what we can do TOGETHER.

It starts with the gift of JOY. 

You have an opportunity to impact lives and be a part of the healing our country desperately needs through The Joyful Living Project

I’d like to invite you to be become a Joy Maker.  Together we can discover new possibilities and activate positive change that bring more joy, connection, and freedom to countless lives across America.  

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Ways you can Support The Joyful Living Project

I am currently funding this project with the remaining savings I have along with generous contributions from friends and family who believe in the importance and impact of this mission.  

Fundraising Goal: $25,000

Make a One-Time Joyful Gift

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How Your Support Makes an Impact

As a Joy Maker, you are a catalyst to activating change and reminding people that in every moment we have a choice on what we focus on — the negative or joy. From this seed of joy grows hope, possibility, generosity, kindness, love, re-connection with ourselves and others.

As I drive across America over the next 18 months, I will be connecting with people and sharing their stories to ignite positive change and help rebuild thriving relationships, businesses, and communities.

Through interviews, local experiences, community events, kindness experiments, and speaking engagements with businesses, I will shine the spotlight on all the positive experiences already around us and inspire shifts in the way we live, the way we connect, and the way we make a difference.

Your support enables me to document and produce inspiring video content from: 

18-Month Tour Across America to Discover & Inspire Joy

Meet Some Joy Makers

Joy Makers are special individuals who bring the gift of joy to others. Joy Makers generously donate their time, money, connections, talents and wisdom. Their contributions have made a profound impact on The Joyful Living Project and in our community. Thank you Joy Makers for making this project possible!

* These Joy Maker have made a financial contribution to support the Joyful Living Project.

* These Joy Maker have contributed in their time, connections, talents, and wisdom to support the Joyful Living Project.