Retirement Day Practice Card Deck

In 2012, I was completely burned out trying to run 5 businesses. Overwhelmed and exhausted, I left work one afternoon and headed to the Oregon Coast. That changed everything.

In the next 18 months, I returned to the coast 52 times discovering a new way of living and working that healed my body, deepened my relationships, and transformed my life. 

I believe that when we create space to rest, grow, connect, and give, we refuel the fire of our impact.  I call this new way of creating space for intentional life-giving experiences a Retirement Day Practice™. Through my photos and ideas, I hope to inspire others with possibilities.

Pick up a Retirement Day Practice deck of cards for yourself or give them as gifts to clients and friends. Each deck comes with 26 cards featuring stunning photos of the Oregon coast and inspirational, fun, easy activities to experience more joy, connection, and freedom.

Each card is 5.25″ x 5.25″ full color on both sides, printed on a rich high quality coated thick card paper.


Move your mouse over each card to reveal the backside with ideas to inspire a joyful experience.

The Beauty I Experienced at the Oregon Coast

Yasmin's Coastal Photography: Instagram @OregonCoastlines