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Four years ago, I went on an 18-month road trip to learn about joy. I packed up my car and drove across America to explore, document, and share stories of real people and heart-opening experiences that bring us joy. I created the Joyful Living Project as a way to reconnect people, ignite positive change, and remind us of all the good around us.

My name is Yasmin and I believe I discovered the secret to creating joy in your life, and in the life of others.

What You Can Expect From This Book

Unlike countless books about joy, this book is not about finding joy. This book is not about being someone else or doing what others do in order to have joy. This book is not about general abstract ideas about joy.

This book is about becoming a Joy Ambassador and creating joy.

By the end of this book, you will gain an understanding why joy, like food, is essential every day to nourish your mind, heart and soul. You will discover the powerful role joy plays in your health, relationships, work, business, opportunities, and resilience. You will learn how to intentionally create joy each day by playing “The Game of Joy”. You will discover simple, fun ways to activate joy in every moment. You gain awareness of what gets in the way of your joy. You will realize that you are not alone and there is a massive community of like-minded Joy Ambassadors who want to experience and share joy.

I’d like to invite you to join us in The Game of Joy.

Why We Need This Now

Who would have expected that we would plunge into a global pandemic. Two years later as we emerge, many of us are finding ourselves isolated, disconnected, quietly suffering. Some have lost loved ones while others have lost themselves. More than ever, we are feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, lonely, anxious, angry, depressed, lost, sad, hopeless, and sick.

We are now facing global economic uncertainty and financial hardship draining our retirement savings and bank accounts. Political divisiveness and war stoke anger and violence while threatening the stability and safety of our communities. Social media continues to erode our sense of self-worth comparing ourselves to images of others. Extreme climate changes ravage our communities with fires, storms, floods, and droughts. With all the negative news the media bombards us every day, it’s easy to lose hope for a safe, peaceful, positive future. Today, many experts have declared that we are in a mental health crisis driven by the stress around and within us.

Repeatedly as I speak with people, everyone has told me they want more joy in their lives. Being a single parent, business owner, organizational leader, college student, caregiver, professional, and human these days is hard enough with all the responsibilities and stress of the world. The problem is that many of us rely on hoping, waiting, and finding joy.

In many ways, we give up our power to experience happiness daily. It’s not our fault as no one taught us how to create joy. In fact, growing up as a child, we often hear. “Don’t do this! Grow up! You can’t do that! Who do you think you are? That’s not a real job! Why can’t you be more like…?” It’s no wonder we see the world the way we do.

I believe there is still time.

I believe relief to our suffering and hardships is possible.

I believe that we don’t have to wait for things change.

I believe it starts by creating and sharing joy.

There are 1,440 minutes in each day you are alive. How many of those minutes will you fill with joy?

About Yasmin

Forty-four years ago, my family came to America on a sinking boat escaping Communist Vietnam. Growing up as an immigrant child, all I ever wanted was to fit in. I quickly realized that one of the ways to belong was to achieve, so I suppressed who I was in order to accomplish and graduate top of my class. By the time I climbed the corporate ladder in a prestigious consulting firm, I realized that I was completely miserable despite my career successes. Soon after, I took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. This led me through 2 decades of struggle, fear, doubt, and burnout. On the verge of giving everything up, I discovered a moment that forever changed the direction of my life. It led me on a journey of a lifetime to explore joy.

Meet Some Joy Ambassadors

Joy Ambassadors are special individuals who bring the gift of joy to others. Joy Makers generously donated their time, money, connections, talents and wisdom. Their contributions have made a profound impact on The Joyful Living Project and in our community. Thank you Joy Makers for making this project possible!

* These Joy Ambassadors have made a financial contribution to support the Joyful Living Project.

* These Joy Ambassadors have contributed in their time, connections, talents, homes, and wisdom to support the Joyful Living Project.