The Game of Joy

The secret to Creating Your own Happiness

(Even When Life is Stressful)

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The Game of Joy is our roadmap back to hope, connection, and joy. Times of stress and uncertainty are bound to drag us down, and Yasmin is the perfect person to bring the lessons of joy to the world because of exceptional energy of generosity he exudes. All who know him feel warmth in his presence.
Ken Honda
Japan's international best selling author of Happy Money


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About This Book

This book offers a road map to activating joy in any chosen moment. Like food, joy is essential for nourishing our mind, heart, and soul. Yet, today, many people find themselves feeling isolated and disconnected. Anxiety and depression are common across all age groups. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In these pages, you’ll discover the powerful role that joy plays in your everyday health, relationships, work, business, opportunities, and resilience. The Game of Joy will teach you how to intentionally create joy each day by using simple, fun strategies to reveal the joy that’s already in front of you. You’ll know what gets in the way of your joy and you’ll realize you’re not alone. You no longer have to hope or look for joy. You can simply create joy in any moment!


Yasmin’s Game of Joy is perhaps the most essential game you’ll play in your life. As a publishing consultant, I’ve come across hundreds of inspirational messages. The Game of Joy ranks at the top as a life-changing, life-giving transformational book.


Elsa Mazon, Publishing Coach to Inspirational Authors


If you’re finding that you’ve lost the joy in your life, then this is the book for you! Yasmin has masterfully crafted a blueprint of rediscovering your joy. Not only are his methods insightful, but they’re also easy to implement in your daily life.


Amy Noble, Travel Education Specialist


Yasmin helped me find and create a new way of thinking. Today I have an unbelievable life that just keeps getting better, and that’s thanks in large part to Yasmin’s work.


Genevieve LeMarchal, Managing Partner at Suncoast Ventures

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About the Author

Yasmin Nguyen

Yasmin is a Joy Ambassador, author, speaker, and coach whose mission is to inspire 1+ million people around the world to experience and share joy every day. As an explorer, innovator, and storyteller, he teaches entrepreneurs, community leaders, business owners, caregivers, retirees, parents, and students how to create joy even during stressful times.

When he was just five years old, Yasmin’s family came to America after having escaped Communist Vietnam, a perilous journey that ultimately saw them settle in Houston. Growing up as an immigrant child, all he ever wanted was to fit in. In short order, he realized that one of the ways to belong was to achieve, so he suppressed who he was in order to graduate at the top of his class. He went on to complete his business degree at The University of Texas at Austin and then climbed the corporate ladder at a prestigious consulting firm. Years later, despite his career successes, he found himself completely miserable. He left the firm and took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship, but that leap unfortunately led to two decades of fear, doubt, and burnout. On the verge of giving up, he experienced a moment that forever changed the direction of his life.

He decided to do something unconventional: launch into an 18-month journey to explore joy. He packed up his car and drove 21,000 miles across America to explore, document, and share stories of real people and heart-opening experiences that bring us joy. Along the way, he created the Joyful Living Project as a way to reunite people, ignite positive change, and remind everyone of all the good surrounding us. He believes that by connecting with joy, each one of us can enrich our lives and make the world a better place.

More Testimonials

Yasmin’s Game of Joy is perhaps the most essential game you’ll play in your life. As a publishing consultant, I’ve come across hundreds of inspirational messages. The Game of Joy ranks at the top as a life-changing, life-giving transformational book. Yasmin has not only researched his topic and lived it out, he has become joy.

If you want to become a happier, more joyful, and more fulfilled human, start playing Yasmin’s Game of Joy right now.


Elsa Mazon, Publishing Coach to Inspirational Authors



Who alters the entire course of their life to set out on a journey to experience and learn about joy? Yasmin Nguyen does. What he learned on his journey is how to gamify joy in our lives. Being joyful doesn’t just happen—we have to MAKE it happen.

If you’re looking for more joy in your life (who isn’t?), read Yasmin’s new book, The Game of Joy. Joy is something the world can never have enough of, and Yasmin has audaciously hacked into how we can tap into joy in every aspect of our lives quickly and consistently. I recommend following Yasmin Nguyen and reading his book! You’ll be more joyful and glad that you did.


Cathey Armillas, Creator of How to Rock a TED Talk



If you’re finding that you’ve lost the joy in your life—if you’re going from day to day and task to task without joy—then this is the book for you. In today’s world, it’s easy to disconnect from the joy we had as children. The responsibilities pile up and the joy falls away. With its insightful and easy innovative approach to rediscovering joy, this book is something we all need.

There’s no one more qualified to lead you through the Game of Joy than Yasmin Nguyen. He has masterfully crafted a blueprint for rediscovering your joy. Not only are his methods insightful, they’re also easy to implement in your daily life.

The most powerful moment in The Game of Joy for me was realizing that as easy as it is to lose joy, it’s just as easy to rediscover it. With Yasmin’s tools and thoughtful aha! moments around every corner, now I can instantly apply his techniques to up my joy factor and see results immediately.


Amy Noble, Travel Education Specialist



In such a short time, I became the BIGGEST fan of Yasmin. In all of my interactions with him, Yasmin has continuously brought relentless joy and harmony into my life, and he manages to do so with grace and ease. If I were to put into words my many experiences with Yasmin, I would say that he is kind, loving, generous, authentic, captivating, energizing, trustworthy, compassionate, thoughtful, mindful, and exquisite. I am humbled to know such a harmonious man whom I get to call a friend. I know that wherever he goes, he brings peace, harmony, and above all JOY into every room he enters. Yasmin has tirelessly done this for me and my group of friends. I am forever grateful for his friendship. Thank you, Yasmin, for teaching me what true joy feels like.


Parisa Blaha, Founder & CEO of Edge of Abundance



One of the many things I’ve appreciated in experiencing the evolution of Yasmin’s work since he first envisioned the Joyful Living Project, undertook his 18-month travel service project, and wrote The Game of Joy is his capacity to hold the paradox: to be in the here and now with his feet on the ground while also seeing the greater good and the higher possibility in any given moment or circumstance.

There will always be challenging and stressful times—they’re part of the human experience. But how we see our circumstances, how we frame them, what we see as being possible…THAT’S what changes everything. Yasmin’s wisdom and insights are filled with hope and possibilities; they light a path forward, reminding us that the ability to experience joy in our lives is always there for us and is indeed our birthright.


Amanda Winn, Founder & CEO of Wholehearted Business



Yasmin inspires and radiates joy organically, just like the light and warmth of the sun. Years ago, Yasmin shared his mission with my leadership class. There were smiles, tears of joy, and lasting personal imprints left on every heart. The Game of Joy will have a special spot in my reading space. Thank you, Yasmin, and congratulations!


Kathy Allworth, Talent Scout at Kroger Company



As I followed the Joyful Living Project over the course of five years, I was so struck by how it wasn’t just all unicorns and rainbows—it was the real expression of joy through everything. There were wonderful moments and some hard times. I watched Yasmin weather beautiful moments with grace and joy and really hard moments with grace and joy. I just thought how remarkable and what a beautiful example that was.

I found myself really appreciating his online posts because I too was going through life’s ups and downs. And it was such a great reminder to notice joy in all of the moments even though sometimes it was hard to hear that message when I myself was far from joy. Watching him practice joy in the moment was such a good reminder to just meet yourself where you are and find those moments of joy wherever you can.

As I think about the years I’ve known Yasmin, I’m just so grateful for his willingness, courageousness, boldness, and vulnerability to start and complete the Joyful Living Project. I’ve learned that when life goes up and down, joy is possible in between the dips. He reminds me of that truth every day. I hope you’ll take time to read his book! He shares his wisdom, experiences, and practical tips in accessible ways, allowing us to revisit them over and over again and be reminded of what’s so important. His book is a beautiful offering to the world. I am so grateful for him.


Erin Koss, CEO of Syte Consulting Group



Yasmin is the real deal! Even before the Joyful Living Project, he was an ambassador of joy. Life is one big experiment for him, and witnessing his choice to embrace joy repeatedly has inspired me to make huge changes in my own life, including retiring early to travel, do more of what I love, and find ways to make a bigger difference in the world. Yasmin is living life ALIVE—he’s a real, true example of choosing JOY every day! You can’t help but smile and be inspired with the continual ways he puts himself out into the world to create and grow joy for himself and others, sprinkling joy all around in a time when we need joy so badly. Connect with him, read his book, and start practicing the Game of Joy today—small changes create big shifts!


Brenda Sutton,



Yasmin has spent years studying and exploring different approaches to understanding joy and how to cultivate it in one’s life. Through his research and personal experiences, he has created a comprehensive guide to the importance of joy and how we can use it to enrich our lives. From recognizing everyday blessings to cultivating meaningful relationships, Yasmin’s book provides insightful guidance and practical advice for creating more joy in our lives. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to read this powerful and inspiring book! I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to gain a better understanding of joy and the role it can play in their life. As we increasingly become a digital society, this book is paramount to appreciating the challenges we face as humans and our need to connect and love.


Julie Arnold, CEO & Founder of Julie & Co.



It’s probably safe to say that humans have always wanted and searched for joy, but especially in the modern age of commoditizing everything from kitchen knickknacks to core emotions, true joy created from within can seem even harder to find. Yet it’s essential to feeling fulfilled and content…and THAT mindset is what we need to connect better with ourselves, our friends and family, and our greater communities.

Yasmin’s personal story of having to leave his homeland behind and begin a whole new life in the US is so inspiring! The fact that he’s faced so many hardships but still learned how to joyfully embrace life’s silver linings holds meaningful lessons for us all.

In The Game of Joy, Yasmin weaves together his personal insights, struggles, and triumphs along the path to finding joy. His on-the-road, joy-seeking adventures coupled with his research into what experts have to say about joy enable him to explain to readers how they too can join a game that’s all about fulfillment, not circumstances. Anyone who plays wins!


Lisa Howard, Founder of Poignant Pen



A central aspect of experiencing a meaningful life is the awareness of all the joy that constantly comes to us in the smallest of ways. Yasmin embodies this in his life. For all the years I’ve known Yasmin, he’s been a joy-seeker who has always wanted to lift up those around him. Like a deep source of life-enriching spring water, he’s a natural source of wonder and joy.


Jim Dwyer, Managing Partner at Bridge City Law



Our world is desperately hungry to experience more JOY. The pace of life and the choices we make about how to spend our “spare” time are often driven by the demands and stresses of life rather than the joyful personal values we aspire to. Though JOY can sometimes feel like a result of something or someone else, my own experience of JOY is more of a choice or a perspective.

When I hear the word “JOY,” I think of Yasmin. He exudes JOY! Yasmin spreads JOY in all places and spaces: face to face, individually, in groups, in workshops, in virtual interactions. I would feel his JOY, kindness, respect, and encouraging energy in a room even if I had my eyes closed. He has the ability to ask great questions that bring out positivity and JOY in the conversation.

The Game of Joy will make us think about and ponder the many layers of this thing we call JOY! Let’s all be more intentional JOY Givers, JOY Receivers, and JOY Ambassadors!


Jeff VandenHoek, Leadership Coach & Founder of Intentionality LLC



Yasmin has taken the extraordinary steps to not only seek out and find joy, but to document, process, and fully absorb into his heart and soul the lessons, exhilarations, and heartbreaks he has encountered on his journey. He has kindly shared all of this with us in his wonderful new book so that we too can play the Game of Joy. His book is heartfelt, honest, and real. I am very proud of him!


Terry St. Marie, Co-Founder of Built Oregon & Investor



Yasmin is a person who just lights up the room! His knowledge and wisdom inspire me to bring out joy in anything I do. By reading his book, I got to know him even better. His heart and soul are just so beautiful, and I’m so grateful to have had this experience with him! He is a world-changer! When I think of joy, I think of Yasmin!


John Doerksen, Founder & President of Platinum Irrigation Inc.



Yasmin has been my coach and a friend. The exercises he has led me through and the conversations we have had have moved me closer to that happy, joyful place and have helped me create my own joyful practices. His approach is not woo-woo, but rather grounded in practicality and common sense. I’ve experienced many aha! moments working with Yasmin that have helped me in my own journey.


Jocelyn Manuel, Director of Operations



Yasmin and I met several years ago through a social media community. He is truly a role model for leading a creative and joy-filled life in spite of having had an early life filled with struggles that many of us could not even imagine. I’m so glad he decided to share his amazing personal journey and strategies! His tips are simple and relatable. You just have to choose joy!


Heidi Thorne, Author



When I met Yasmin, I was at a very pivotal and difficult time in my life and career. I had to make some big decisions during that stressful time. Yasmin’s work helped me begin to find and create a new way of thinking. Today, I have an unbelievable life that just keeps getting better, thanks in large part to Yasmin’s work.


Genevieve LeMarchal, Managing Partner at Suncoast Ventures



Yasmin has such a warm and calming energy and a gentle, inspiring way of helping us take a moment to exhale, center, and begin to look for and see the presence of joy in all moments, even when we’re seemingly facing our most adverse experiences. He is a joy to follow and learn from.

The Game of Joy is a wonderful journey of the discovery of joy and a great guide to cultivating and protecting our joy. I especially like the Joy Blockers chapter on how to spot and avoid those blockers and preserve our agency over our own experiences.


Kerri Konik, CEO & Chief Brand Strategist at Inspire Fire®



Yasmin is one of those rare individuals who embodies the resilience of joy. His embodiment of presence brings out joy. His first (of many) books will be a welcome collection to my library to enjoy reading over the years. Congratulations on publishing The Game of Joy, Yasmin!


Janet Tse, Founder of Life Habits Consulting

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