Interviews with Yasmin Nguyen

Traveling To Transform

What if taking a vacation could be the best investment in your business? Today, Yasmin Nguyen and I are going to convince you that IT IS! Travel is much more than an indulgence – when enjoyed mindfully it has the power to catalyze transformation, growth, creativity, and connection. We’ll share how you can leverage adventures to discover better business plans, find new creative fuel, and fuel your entrepreneurial fire. Trust us, your business will thank you!

Creating A Space To Pause

Have you embraced the POWER in the PAUSE? It’s the entrepreneurial norm to glorify the hustle, peak productivity, and smashing goals FAST. But in today’s clip, Yasmin Nguyen and I make a case for slowing down as the most valuable and productive moments you can take. We’ll talk about the peace and clarity that happens when you take regular time to realign. Plus, Yasmin will share his crazy story about how a friend’s odd tattoo inspired a room full of salespeople to pause, chill out, and choose joy! Full relaxation ahead

Practicing Your Retirement

If life is short, why do so many entrepreneurs race past all of its beauty and gifts? When you barrel through life chasing goals and achievements, it’s easy to miss the heart’s pleas to guide you on a new journey. In today’s clip, Yasmin Nguyen shares the simple practice that helped him slow down, listen to his inner voice, and choose FREEDOM after a lifetime of workaholism. We’ll also talk about being open to and navigating changing paths, as well as practices that align your mind and heart.

How Mini-Retirements Can Transform Your Life and Business with Yasmin Nguyen

In this video, we have Yasmin Nguyen. Yasmin has a simple and powerful practice that can transform your life: it’s called taking mini-retirements regularly.

Finding Joy and a Life of Possibility: Podcast Interview on the Inspirational Creatives Show

Rob Lawrence is the founder and host of a podcast show called: “Inspirational Creatives – Conversations with successful artists, producers, and creative entrepreneurs who offer ideas, stories, and strategies to help you create the life and business you want.”

As we talked, Rob asked me if I would be open to being a guest on his show. I was totally surprised and honored by his invitation.

So I asked, when should we schedule an interview? And he responded, how about right now?

The next thing I knew, we sat around a dining table with audio recording equipment. We shared the most joyful conversation about The Joyful Living Project, expanding possibilities, and the inspiration that lead to it.

Joyful Living Project Interview on the She's Hungry Podcast

So honored and excited to be today’s featured guest on the She’s Hungry Podcast with host Cait Pearson to share stories and my #JoyfulLivingProject tour across America to inspire more joy, connection, and freedom in our lives. Cait and I met at the KindFest in Seattle. Shortly after we had a wonderful conversation and she invited me on her show to share my stories and journey.

A Conversation with Vera about the Joyful Living Project

I can't wait to speak with Yasmin Nguyen from The Joyful Living Project about what he's up to. Yasmin is about to pack up his car within the next 30 days and will embark on a trip across America to inspire joy, meet new people and share their stories.

Vera Friesen

Law of Attraction in Action Podcast Interview: Yasmin Nguyen on Joyful Living

Today’s guest Yasmin Nguyen shares his journey where he traveled for 18 months all over the world to find Joy. He shares what he learned and offers you inspiration to also get out there and follow your joy!

Self Care is Sexy Podcast Interview: Yasmin Nguyen

Join me this week as Yasmine Nguyen with Gratitude Inspired Living talks about how he started out thinking that he had to change everything about him, including his name, just to fit in. “Freedom and Joy is a choice we make in every moment”.