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What today's world, filled with negativity, stress, and suffering,

…we didn’t have to wait for things to change to begin our healing?
…the catalyst for positive change lies within our daily experiences?
…we could leave a legacy of hope, positivity, and inspiration for our children and generations to come?

I believe that all of this is possible and...

It starts with the gift of Joy

"The Game of Joy" Book

The secret to Creating Your own Happiness

(Even When Life is Stressful)

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My name is Yasmin Nguyen, and I am on a mission to inspire more joy, connection and freedom in our lives.

I created the Joyful Living Project to activate positive change and build thriving relationships, businesses, and communities.

I packed up my life and I drove across America for 18-months to explore 3 basic questions: 

  • What does joy look like in our lives? 
  • How can it positively impact our relationships, businesses, and community?
  • What’s holding us back from experiencing more joy?  


I believe that by exploring these questions, we have the opportunity to expand possibilities and transform the way we live, the way we connect, and the way we make a difference. 

I believe that from this seed of joy grows hope, possibility, kindness, love, gratitude, empathy, and connection that can transform our lives, relationships, and country.

I believe that in every moment, we have the choice to focus on what’s wrong or what’s good.  My mission is to invite people to choose joy.

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18-Month Journey Across America

Follow the Joyful Living Project Journey

Follow the Joyful Living Project Journey

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Joy Shared in These All Places 2018 - 2020

On July 1, 2018, I began my 18-month journey across the country to curate ideas, conversations, and communities that inspire joy, connection and freedom.

Portland, OR July 1 – August 16
Seattle, WA Aug 17 – August 19
Bandon, OR Sept 6
Ashland, OR Sept. 7
San Francisco, CA Sept. 8 – Oct. 3
Los Angeles, CA Oct. 4 – Oct. 11
Chattanooga, TN Oct. 12- Oct. 15
Palm Springs, CA Oct. 16 – Oct. 24
Phoenix, AZ Oct. 25 -Oct. 31
Tucson, AZ Nov. 1 – Nov. 6
Houston, TX Nov 8 – Nov 12
Portland, OR Nov. 13- Nov. 30
Dallas, TX Dec. 27 – Dec. 30
Playa Del Carmen, Mex Jan. 19 – Jan. 27
Tokyo, Japan Feb. 1 – Feb. 18
New Orleans, LA March 16 – March 21

Vancouver, Canada March 23 – April 10
Houston, TX April 12 – April 14
Austin, TX April 15 – April 28
Dallas, TX May 2
New Orleans, LA May 3

Blairsville, GA May 4 – May 5
Chattanooga, TN May 6 – May 12

Atlanta, GA May 13 – May 14
Nashville, TN May 16 – May 19
Asheville, NC May 19 – May 21
Charlotte, NC May 22 – May 24
Miami, FL May 25 – May 31
Havana, Cuba – June 1 – June 4
Philadelphia, PA June 7- June 11
Fenwick Island, DE June 12- June 14
New York City, NY June 15 – June 23
Boston, MA June 24 – June 27
New Hampshire June 28 – June 30
San Francisco, CA July 1 – Aug. 3
Pittsburgh, PA Aug. 5 – Aug. 6
Indianapolis, IN Aug. 7 – Aug. 9
Marion, IN Aug. 10 – Aug. 12
Chicago, IL Aug. 13 – Aug. 15
Detroit, MI Aug. 16 – Aug. 18
Chicago, IL Aug. 19 – Aug. 25
Kansas City, MO Aug. 26 – Aug. 29
Denver, CO  Aug. 30 – Sept. 5
Boulder, CO Sept. 6
Bryce Canyon, UT Sept. 7
Zion National Park, UT Sept. 9

Salt Lake City, UT Sept. 10- Sept. 16
Boulder, CO Sept. 17
Morrisville, MO Sept. 18 – Sept. 19
Louisville, KY Sept. 20 – Sept. 21
Cincinnati, OH Sept. 22 
Columbus, OH Sept. 22 – Sept. 26

Washington DC Sept. 27 – Oct. 13
Philadelphia, PA Oct. 14
Boston, MA Oct. 15
Vermont & NH Oct. 16 – Oct. 18
Portland, ME Oct. 19 – Oct 20
Fenwick Island, DE Oct. 21 – Oct. 27
Branson, MI Oct. 30 – Nov. 4
Portland, OR Nov. 20 – Dec. 4
Ft Worth, TX Dec. 9 – Dec. 12
Miami, FL Dec. 15 – Dec. 20
Phoenix, AZ Dec. 24 – Dec. 26
Santa Ana, CA Dec. 27 – Dec. 29 
San Diego, CA Dec. 30 – Jan. 5
Palm Springs, CA Jan. 6 – Jan. 9
San Francisco, CA Jan. 11 – March 11

As I travelled across America, I explored joy through...

The Numbers

Miles Driven
Cities Visited
Different Beds Slept In
Joyful Conversations
Dinners Cooked for Hosts
Deviled Egg Batches Made

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Yasmin's Travel Photography: Instagram @Yazpics

Meet Joyful Joe

Instagram @Joe.joyful

Joyful Joe is a Joy Ambassador who has been travelling with me. He’s just your average Joe who reminds us that anyone can experience moments joy in the simplest ways.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~Maya Angelou