Do you ever feel like you need a "Pause" button in life?

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, overworked, and over-committed, you’re not alone. You may be on the verge of burnout and things like self-care and joy can be difficult to add to your plate.

When I was in Vancouver, Canada, I met a new friend name Sheila. 

She had an unusual tattoo on her wrist: it was a couple of vertical lines. Curious, I asked her if it was the number 11 or an equal sign. She said, “No—it’s my pause button.”

With a perplexed look on my face, I asked, “Your what?”

Sheila replied, “Yeah, it’s my pause button. Whenever life gets hectic, I press my pause button to give myself some time.”

That idea totally blew my mind!

Months after I’d talked to Sheila about her tattoo, a large international travel company hired me to speak at their annual sales meeting. They asked me to coach their sales teams on how to manage burnout. Inspired by Sheila’s “Pause” button, I created special wristbands with a pause button for them to press and create space for joy. 

In addition to the “Pause” button, I added a “Play” button and a “Joy” button. 

Joy Wristbands

“Pause” Button

Creates space for joy!

“Joy” Button

Saves and recalls moments of joy!

“Play” Button

Activates your joy!

Ways to Get the Wristbands

Option 1

3 Joy Wristbands

$6 (US & Canada)

Includes US & Canada Shipping

Option 2

10 Joy Wristbands

$15 (US & Canada)

Includes US & Canada Shipping

Option 3

20 Joy Wristbands

$20 (US & Canada)

Includes US & Canada Shipping