Day 146 – Joyful Living Project


When someone frustrates us, it’s so easy to notice what’s wrong with them.

In many ways, these are some of the things about ourselves that we may dislike or feel shame around. Sometimes we even project these insecurities upon others.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling some frustration around people and situations. I notice that I’ve been putting the blame on them.

However, my friend #JoyfulJoe reminded me that, when we take a moment and look the good in others, at the same time we discover the good within ourselves. The fact that we noticed this good means that we acknowledge that same good in us.

What if we were to practice noticing what’s good more and what’s wrong less?

How would it impact the way we interact with others, and more importantly how would it impact how we interact with ourselves?

On #BlackFriday, when people are out there looking for shopping deals, I’m going to practice looking for the good in others.

What’s something good you notice today about a family member, neighbor, or friends?

The Joy of Letting Loose and Flying

After a belly full from lunch, my family and I decided that we needed to go for a walk. We stopped at a nearby park for the kids to play.

That’s when I got this brilliant idea to just let loose and fly, at least I attempted to.

I get a “1” for form, but a “10” for joy!


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