Day 200 – Joyful Living Project

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In less than 36 hours, I will be on a plane to go to Mexico for a secret Joy Mission.

Hard to believe that over a week ago I could hardly walk. I had my second ever gout attack on my left foot and it completely debilitated me with excruciating pain. No joy !!!

By the 5th day of being bed ridden with a major case of cabin fever, I had to do something to shift this situation.

Saturday morning, I woke up with a flash of joyful inspiration!

I remembered a story about a little girl name Kendall who was selling Girl Scout Cookies many years ago. It was in this special story that inspired me to spend the next 48 hrs with my feet propped up and glued to my computer to build the 2019 Cookie Giveaway Challenge!

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Even though I was in physical pain, I wanted to do something that would invite out community of Joy Makers and Joy Ambassadors to join me in bringing joy to over 1,000 lives this month. My challenge is for us to GIVE over 1,000 boxes of cookies away to surprise friends, coworkers, and even strangers with an unexpected gift of kindness to make their day.

So to make this challenge simple for everyone, I got a domain name , built a webpage, created email campaigns, recruited Girl Scout parents to help approve online orders, created marketing graphics, invited over 350 friends via text and email to participate, created a video, and a spreadsheet to keep count of cookie givers and boxes of cookies given…whew…in just 3 days!!!

Fast forward to today, I finally got packed for my trip and my foot is about 90% better.

But what’s most exciting is that in just over a day and a half of launching the Cookie Giveaway Challenge. We already have commitments to give 238 boxes of cookies!!

In the coming days, I will be sharing more about the Cookie Giveaway and inviting/challenge you to join me. For those are are ready to for the challenge, check out the details at .

So next time you are laid out with some sickness or injury, how can you make the most of the situation and inspire some joy ?

Gotta go brush up on my Spanish before tomorrow’s trip…”Donde estan las galletas”

Thank you for all your help Michelle Ann Collins and Amanda Winn !


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