Day 77 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Restoration

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt on edge and my nervous system has been on fight or flight mode nonstop. Rest has felt like dimming the lights rather than fully turning them off.

So grateful for a virtual restorative yoga session this morning with Michelle Ann Collins.

It was just what my body needed to rest and reconnect. That was so good to feel grounded again.

I didn’t realize how out of alignment I was with my body and as a result, it impacted how I was feeling.

Thank you, Michelle! And thank you Katie Mazzocco for our conversation the other day that inspired me to reach out for restorative yoga.

Below are some reflections from this week.

The Joy of Making an Impact

I can hardly believe it has been only a week since I picked up my car and began hitting the road on this 18-month journey across America on the #JoyfulLivingProject. Feels like I’ve been on the road for a month.

I’ve been in a little funk this morning. Perhaps, it’s exhaustion as my sleeping routine and quality have not been established. I feel a pervasive anxiousness when I am by myself and having a hard time chilling out and fully relaxing.

I did, however, receive such a special gift that reminded me of another way joy shows up in our lives. It’s the joy of impact and knowing you made a difference for someone.

You see, about a month ago, I spoke at an event sharing both my #JoyfulLivingProject and #RetirementDayPractice concepts. I hoped to inspire busy, overworked-givers to create space and time for life-giving experiences that reconnect us to ourselves and others. These are the experiences that help realign us with joy, work, relationships, and the lives we desire.

This morning my funk instantly shifted when I got this message:

"Hi Yasmin. I attended the Portland, Oregon, send off and wanted to share that I am planning some retirement joy for next year. My joy is birding, and I signed up for an 8-day birding trip to Arizona! I did not think I would take such a trip until my retirement - many years from now!! Thank you for what you are doing!

I am so grateful for this joyful gift from Susan.

I’d like to invite you to take a moment and share with someone who has made an impact on you. Doing so reconnects you with that experience and invites joy to both you and the other person.


What an incredibly joyful and inspirational spirit!

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