Day 104 – Joyful Living Project


Joy Detour

I heard there was joy in Tennessee, so I’m making a little detour before resuming my West Coast #JoyfulLivingProject tour.

Before the red-eye flight and after!

I’m flying across the country from Los Angeles to Washington DC to Chattanooga, TN on a secret #JoyMission.

Being a #JoyAmbassador is not always joyful when you miss out on sleep.

However, it’s totally worth it seeing the joy in others’ eyes and knowing in your heart you made a difference.

Special thank you to #JoyMalers Jill Knouse, Michael Knouse, and Heather Shaw Dendy for connections and opportunities making this possible!

#JoyfulJoe is not doing so well on these red-eye flights. Neither am I. Looking forward to the joy of sleep! 


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