Day 109 – Joyful Living Project


Letting Go and Follow the Joy

Have you ever been in a place or situation where you just didn’t feel like you were meant to be there…at least at that time?

Yet, you felt like you needed to stick it out because that was your plan.

Yesterday I came to a crossroads on my 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject journey across America. My original plan was to stay in Los Angeles for another week. However, my housing arrangements fell through last minute. Some planned meetings were also up in the air.

Instead of scrambling and stressing and trying to force things to happen in LA, I made a decision to take a deep breath and let go of the plan.

Perhaps the purpose of my visit to LA was not what I had expected, but may have already been completed with my stay there already.

Yes on my mind there is FOMO – fear of missing out on an experience or connection.

However, part of this journey is to step into what’s good rather than what’s wrong.

What was good was an invitation from my dear friends Nicole and Vince to come out to Palm Springs and stay with them.

Following my heart on what felt most joyful, I packed my car, drove 3.5 hours east to this desert oasis to catch my breath, recharge, and recalibrate.

This is exactly where I am supposed to be.

If you’ve ever had to change your plans unexpectedly and it turned out for the better, share your experience below in the comments.

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