Day 108 – Joyful Living Project


Goodbye Los Angeles

On Sunday I posted a message asking for help with a place to stay in Los Angeles this week as my original plans fell through at the last minute.

I was so moved by the outpouring of support from Jennifer Lenches, Amanda Winn, Genevieve Madeleine LeMarchal, Lisa Chambers Fletcher, Julie De Lay, Candace Giles Imsand Perry Gallagher, Jen Smolev Barth who reached out to their network to ask on my behalf. I’m so grateful!

Unfortunately, with the short time, nothing has panned out. I promised my parents I would not sleep in my car, even though a night would be an adventure. A week, not so much.

The longer I am on this journey, the more I realize and appreciate the gift and joy of a home. There has been so much kindness and generosity on this journey so far with amazing people who have welcomed me into their homes. You have no idea how much this has meant to me.

On my 11 hours of flying back to Los Angeles from Chattanooga, TN last night, I decided to follow my intuition and move on to Palm Springs today to visit my long-time and dear friend Nicole Weber.

What I have learned on my journeys of life is in any moment, we can choose to focus and stay stuck in the disappointment of our plans not working out or we can choose to focus or what’s good and possible.

Yes, I am disappointed in canceling or rescheduling some connections in LA for a future time. However, I am looking forward to honoring what my body and spirit really need right now which is some rest and recharge in the desert with my dear friend.

This is an 18-month marathon and I’m learning to pace myself and allow for where this journey leads me geographically and personally.

It’s possible I may return to LA next week or I may just continue on to San Diego.

Life is about timing. If the timing is not right to meet someone, do something, or be somewhere, then perhaps it’s not meant to be right now.

Thank you to all those whom our paths have crossed, will cross, and are not meant to cross on my

My Joyful Brother from Another Mother

Special thank you to Brian Nguyen, my brother from another mother with the same last name and same haircut! Not only is Brian an incredible heart-centered Joy Maker who brings the joy of movement into countless lives, but he has so generously hosted me in his home while I was in Los Angeles. I got a chance to meet his beautiful family.


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