Day 113 – Joyful Living Project


The Joy of Neighborhood Community

When was the last time you invited neighbors over for food, conversations, and community?

Being on the road these last 8 weeks, home is an elusive concept and neighbors are even more foreign.

A couple of weeks ago when I was staying with my friend in Los Angeles, his neighbors were mean and angry.

I got yelled at for parking 2 inches into their driveway while unloading my car. Even offering to drop everything and move it, they continue to berate me.

While I was out of town for a few days and legally parked my vehicle on the public street. One of the neighbors called the police and put a warning on my car saying it would be towed if not moved.

There was no sense of community, compassion, or caring.

I know that this is not everywhere in LA, but it was a pervasive experience I had.

In contrast to this 180 degrees staying with my dear friends in Palm Desert, they had an amazing group of neighbors over for food, drinks, and connection.


It felt like a true community of caring people looking out for each other. Everyone was so kind and friendly and thoughtful. There was joy all around.

This reminded me of what a gift a supportive community is.

I asked one of the neighbors I met, “What does joy look like for you?”

He responded, “It’s that feeling of being with someone for 25 years and feeling like it’s the first day we met”

I will always remember the first day I met these special people!

That night we also celebrate both our early birthdays with “my Scorpio sister from another mister” Nicole.

We shared the Joy of Cake!

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