Day 116 – Joyful Living Project


Each day, we receive the gift of waking up.

What if we embraced that gift with joy and appreciation for the beauty that awaits us?

This morning I received that gift. Instead of laying in bed longer. I got up and witnessed this magnificent sunrise.

I’ve been in a little funk lately exploring some shadows holding me back from living fully, being present, and seeing joy.

This moment of beauty seeing the sun elevating from behind the mountains inspired hope and possibilities of a new day, new opportunities, and reminded me of the gift.

Joy is all around us. The deeper question is “How do we give ourselves permission to fully experience joy? “

I’m curious, what sometimes holding you back from joy?

Check out this video I made on the 4 P’s That Hold us Back from the Joy.

  • Possibilities
  • Permission
  • Plan
  • Practice

Hello Yasmin, just watched your message from Vince and Nichole's home. I related to you speaking about giving yourself permission. So often we get up thinking about what jobs or responsibilities we have that day. As I am retired and Jeff is working part time no one really has expectations of us. We put them on ourselves. We both worked long and hard for over 50 years. It's time we are easier on ourselves. So we now don't make lists of things we should do. We allow ourselves at the end of the day to make a list of things we did do. It feels much more rewarding. We are both responsible people so of course we take care of business. But we give ourselves permission to do that when we feel like it. We found by doing this we take care of things when the energy is there to do it. We give it our full attention. Safe travels my friend.


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