Day 117 – Joyful Living Project


One of the most joyful parts of this 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject journey across America to discover and inspire joy is unexpectedly meeting amazing people along the way.

I had just driven 4 hours from Palm Springs, CA to Mesa, AZ.

I was visiting my friend Pamela Slim. She is an amazing community builder and #JoyAmbassador who attracts and brings together such inspirational, impact-driven entrepreneurs and leaders.

This evening was no exception. She introduced me to Rob Lawrence and Sandra Lawrence who were visiting from the UK with their kids. We immediately hit it off and shared such a wonderful connection.

Rob is the founder and host of a podcast show called: “Inspirational Creatives – Conversations with successful artists, producers, and creative entrepreneurs who offer ideas, stories, and strategies to help you create the life and business you want.”

As we talked, Rob asked me if I would be open to being a guest on his show. I was totally surprised and honored by his invitation.

So I asked, when should we schedule an interview? And he responded, how about right now?

The next thing I knew, we sat around Pam’s dining table with audio recording equipment. We shared the most joyful conversation about The Joyful Living Project, expanding possibilities, and the inspiration that lead to it.

What a gift to be invited to share and truly be heard. Rob has such a talent for leading conversations and holding space for deep connection.

I’d like to invite you to join our conversation and listen to this episode we recorded called “Finding Joy and A Life of Possibility

Click the play button below to listen to our conversation: 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The four P’s that hold us back from the joy
  • Expanding possibilities in life
  • The difference between happiness and joy


My heart is filled with joy this evening not only connecting with Rob and his family but also being able to contribute to his community through our conversation. This my friend, is Joy 3.0.

Thank you Pam for being the catalyst and Ambassador of Joy bringing us together.

I came home from soccer to find my two houseguests Rob Lawrence and Yasmin Nguyen deep in conversation for a podcast episode on Rob’s Inspirational Creatives. They just met a few hours ago and already have a deep shared bond. It is such a delightful episode, made more so due to it happening through the "Pamily" network. I think we will just host Facebook friends and have amazing stories to share on our social. We can monetize that, right? 😀

Today's Drive

Some reflections on my drive and detour

Excited to discover and inspire joy in my 4th state, Arizona, on this 18-month #JoyfulLivingProject journey.


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