Day 130 – Joyful Living Project

flowers for mom

After driving for 3 hours through west Texas, #JoyfulJoe wanted me to pull over at the country store.

He was elated with a big smile after his potty break. #tinybladder

Did you know that it is 1,068 miles from Tucson, AZ to Houston, TX?

Over the last 48 hours, I drove the entire distance in 18 hrs.

Along the way, I witnessed some beautiful and funny moments driving.

Excited to catch more of these amazing views on my 18-month.

After driving 1,068 miles across 3 states in 2 days, I made it home to surprise my mom for her birthday.

She had no idea I would arrive today. Though she was feeling under the weather, her energy and spirits lifted having dinner with her two sons and husband this evening.

What joyful surprise can you share with a loved one this week?

Today's Drive


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