Day 131 – Joyful Living Project


Today, I saw an ad on social media for this cool Star Trek T-shirt.

I remember one of the greatest joys I experienced back in college was watching rerun episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation with my roomate.  It was a nightly ritual that we would sit on the couch and recite lines from the series.

Many years later, my roommate passed away from a heart condition.  Each time I see something related to Star Trek, it brings me back to those precious moments we shared.

Our favorite lines were:

  • There are FOUR LIGHTS!
  • Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra
  • Shaka, when the walls fell
  • You will be assimilated!

I’m far from being a true Trekkie and going to the conventions. However, this wonderful series was the vehicle for sharing such joy with my dear friend.

Is there a show or movie that you’ve shared with someone special? Does each time you see it, you are reminded of the times you shared?

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