Day 141 – Joyful Living Project


There's always something to be thankful for!

When I was younger, I use to stress out about my hair as it was starting to fall out. I used any type of product to conceal my bald spot. At times was was depressed about going bald and was embarrassed by my hair loss.

Ever since I shaved my head more than 15 years ago, I always have good hair days!

The Joy of Sampling

One of the joys of eating is getting a chance to sample different dishes.

You’ve got your buffets, tapas, food festivals. My favorite form of this is Dim Sum.

If the crowds and hour long wait is a sign, the HK Cafe is the place to go for dim sum in Portland.

I think what brings me the most joy about this experience is the variety, the adventure, the sharing, and once you sit down, the eating commences right away.

If you enjoy dim sum, let me know what’s your favorite dish and what’s most joyful for you.

If you’ve never tried dim sum, I invite you to grab a friend and go on a food adventure.


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