Day 149 – Joyful Living Project


Portland Joy Makers!

You know those people in your life who always bring you a smile and fill you up with hope and inspiration whenever you are around them?

Well, it’s these guys!

No joyful trip to Portland is complete without spending time with these #joymakers Jill Knouse and Michael Knouse .

Michael has been a dear friend and my business coach. He was instrumental in helping me find purpose and clarity to create this #JoyfulLivingProject. Jill has connected me with the most incredible heart-centered communities as she is a total #JoyAmbassador .

We shared a wonderful breakfast together at this cute North East place called Little Griddle.

I am so grateful to have this dynamic duo in my life as they challenge and uplift me in so many ways.

I can’t wait for us to continue to cross paths around the country and inspire joy together!

“I love this, Yasmin! Those were some damn good eggs Benedict. It's so great to be part of this journey with you and to see everything unfolding. Over the last couple of years we've adventured together at the Oregon Coast, Maui, Bend, Vancouver BC, Victoria BC, Chattanooga TN, and maybe Mexico in January! And of course right here in Portlandia. I'm continually grateful for you and your friendship. Keep spreading the joy and I look forward to connecting with you in amazing places around the world.


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