Day 4 – Joyful Living Project


Sending joy from the Oregon Coast.

When was the last time you went to the beach?

Scientific research shows that spending time at the beach is good for our health. Whether it’s the blue effect, negative ions, or the sound of the ocean waves, it always takes me to that joyful, grounded state.

Before I head out on this 18-month journey across America to explore and share joy, I’m going to visit this magical place as many times as possible. The last count, I’m up to 120+ trips to the coast.

Savoring every minute of the Oregon Coast before my upcoming trip across America to explore and share joy.

I invite you to create space for joy and fill it with life-giving experiences like this.

The Beauty I Experienced at the Oregon Coast

Yasmin's Coastal Photography: Instagram @OregonCoastlines

Meet Joyful Joe

Instagram @Joe.joyful

He’s coming with me on the Joyful Living Project tour across America to discover and share joy.

Joyful Joe doesn’t say much but has a hilarious sense of humor.

What do you think is on Joyful Joe’s mind?

Join us for these joyful adventures!


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