Day 5 – Joyful Living Project


The most important promise to keep is the ones to ourselves.

As an overworked giver, I often find myself at the bottom of my promise list, taking care of everyone and everything first.

Has this ever happened to you?

The feeling of being constantly behind and pushing back self promises day after day or until when something else happens.

It’s exhausting and over time it takes a toll on how we feel about ourselves. Our confidence plummets and guilt and resentment often creep in.

The paralysis of what should I focus on and do when my plate of responsibilities keeps growing is often stifling.

How do we break out of this cycle when deep down the source of our pain is that we genuinely care and give…perhaps too much?

Part of creating a joyful life is making space for ourselves…guilt-free. And in this space, we push the pause button on everything, even if it feels like the sky would fall at that moment.

With this space, we follow through with a promise we made to ourselves. A promise that reminds us that I am important. A promise that reconnects us with who we are and what we need most…love.

In this moment of fulfilled promise, we reactivate hope as we hit the play button on life.

What promise have you made to yourself that you have yet to fulfill?

What do you believe needs to happen in order to fulfill this promise to yourself?

What would keeping this promise do for you?

This morning, I am keeping my promise to myself to work on my finances as I prepare for my big 18-month journey. As a creative, it’s too easy for me to keep pushing this promise back and focus on creating. Deep down, I keep feeling more anxious and beat myself up for it.

I know that taking this first step today will be a step closer to the freedom I desire.

If you are already fulfilling all the promises you make to yourself, congratulations!! I celebrate you! I would love to hear how you keep doing this and your thought process.

If you’re like me who continues to work on this, let me know what holds you back or what’s been working.

Together we can experience that joyful life we desire with each promise we keep.

Have you tried Hawaiian Poke?

I did a couple of years ago but didn’t find the joy in this delicacy until my recent trip to Hawaii last fall.

Savoring the fresh fish marinated in wonderful flavors, I totally had cravings coming back to Portland.

Through I tried a number of places, Joy Poke was the one that always makes me so happy and full after each visit.


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