Day 46 – Joyful Living Project


Opening the door for someone is not about being chivalrous, a gentleman, or a lady. It’s about being kind.

Kindness activates joy!

What’s something kind you can share with someone today?

This is a wonderful list from Joyce Santos is the sole owner and blogger at But First, Joy.

Kindness is important because:

  • It can make someone feel confident.
  • You can make new friends.
    Kindness can make someone’s day.
  • You can make someone feel like they are accepted.
  • Your kindness may be the one happy part of someone’s day.
  • Being kind makes you feel good.
  • Practicing kindness regularly can improve mental health for those who give kindness and receive it.

1. Listen and show interest.

2. Show Compassion.

3. Give genuine compliments.

4. Offer help.

5. Say thank you.

6. Consider others’ feelings when making decisions.

7. Give a handmade gift.

8. Just smile.

9. Complete a task for someone.

10. Offering patience

Read her entire post on kindness here: But First, Joy


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