Day 47 – Joyful Living Project


Having a final coffee with my dear friend, Joy Ambassador who brings joy into the lives of individuals and families by helping them understating the importance of financial literacy. 

Alice Tang is an inspiring, compelling, and energetic financial advising expert who works to help individuals build better relationships, create wealth, and support their connections.

True wealth isn’t measured by your pocketbook, but by the deep connections you build and nurture throughout your life. To prosper, you must help others thrive and create value and opportunities for them to shine.

From humble beginnings growing up to a small family in Hong Kong, to attend the University of London with minimal conversational English experience, to immigrating to the United States with no network, family or career, Alice knows what it’s like to feel like an outsider who doesn’t belong.

These experiences have given her the unique opportunity to practice new ways to build her network, support herself, and develop processes that others can leverage to accelerate their success. And that’s what she’s set out to do.

As a strong advocate for female and next-generation leaders, Alice is sharing her talents, tools, and techniques to help others break out of their comfort zones, seize opportunities, build deeper relationships, and find success on their terms.

She is widely regarded as a thought leader and often invited as a keynote guest speaker on television shows and by corporations looking to inspire their employees.

Meet Alice:


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