Day 48 – Joyful Living Project


On my way to Seattle to speak at the Kind Fest, an outdoor festival to activate kindness with thousands of community and business members this weekend.

Last night I was stressed out about how to display The Joyful Living Project at my booth. I reached out to my dear friend #JoyMaker, and community builder extraordinaire Dill Ward. With her brilliant idea, I designed this tabletop display at midnight and uploaded it to FedEx Kinko’s to print. I couldn’t believe how friendly and helpful the customer service was even at 1 am.

By 8am this morning, my display was ready to pick up on my way to Seattle.

It’s amazing how things just come together when we are aligned, set clear intentions, release attachment to how what we desire has to show up, then stay in a positive state that allows us to notice and receive possibilities.

Invite joy into your world today!

Meet Riana Nelson

So excited I got a chance to meet up with the amazing musician, artist, community builder, ambassador, and #JoyMaker @riananelson on my way to Seattle last week to speak at The Kind Fest.

This incredibly talented woman shared with me the many ways she brings joy to others and how she reconnects with joy during long road tours and challenging times. My interview with her will be released soon. Here is a little preview. She also shares how important it is to choose joy rather than wait for it. Don’t miss it!

Thank you Riana Nelson for the many gifts and inspiration you share!

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed for the The Joyful Living Project, a project which features inspiring & JOYFUL individuals from all over the country. I'm so honored to inspire others through my art, music, and commitment to my family. I also strongly believe YOU ARE NOT your circumstances— you gotta actively CHOOSE joy every day, and CHOOSE to see the positives, no matter what kind of craziness behind-the-scenes is goin on! That CHOICE (which we all possess access to, and it costs nothing!) has a rippling positive effect on our personal freedom, and the energy of those around us. We lead others to experience joy, by choosing joy ourselves. This is not a perfect practice for me, but lately, I've been starting my days with this question for myself: "How will I choose joy today?"

Joyful Living Project on the Air

What an honor to be featured on radio station 90.7 KSER in the Seattle area last week with media veteran and host Ed Bremer.

We had great conversations about the #JoyfulLivingProject, The Kind Fest, my family’s heroic journey from Vietnam, and how to make time for joy.

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